A Message from the Museum Volunteers of the Phils. (MVP)


January 29, 2021

Hearty congratulations to the MVP Scribners for their brilliant essays and poems in their brand-new website!

I believe this is the first time a "Writers' Club" has been organized in the MVP and I wish to thank Vicky Hoffarth for agreeing to take the helm in guiding and inspiring the MVP Scribners.

It's true that "Each person has a story to tell" and after reading the background on the members of this group, I can see how diverse and interesting each one's life story is. How wonderful to read the creative talent that each one possesses! I certainly hope that more MVP members will find inspiration in your writings and even at a mature age, discover and express that unique story that is just waiting to be revealed.

Thank you Vicky and MVP Scribners! We look forward to more literary delights from you in the future!


Warm congratulatory hugs,

Aurora Lapus-Sagaz


Museum Volunteers of the Philippines (MVP)