Boardroom Drama

By: Geli Juani

In the time of Zoom,
reminisce about the boardroom.
The King storms inside
bodyguards outside the door.
Watch him dominate
pulverizing the weaklings
whose nerves are crackling.
In this den, the louder, the better.
Meekness is a mistake.

Now, spot the parrot
mimicking its master.
Excitement builds up —
a secondhand man commits
his first careless mistake.
“You should be quarantined!”,
his boss shouts, aka Mr harbinger
of what’s to come.

Meanwhile, the laptop freezes.
Control+Alt+Delete is useless.
The secretary with the poker face
records all the happenings
maybe censoring the curses.

Now, identify the charmer,
the political animal, the persuader.
Watch how the charmer
small-talks to the King
while the laptop is restarting.
Stand closer and take note
of slick moves and smart jokes.

Feel power personified
in the hands of a few.
The assistant sits in the corner
partly attentive, partly wishing
to be in someplace new:
How about Osaka?
Okonomiyaki and unagi.
When’s the seat sale?

Then count the women.
Ladies and gentlemen,
here are the cast of characters.
Players at each other’s throats
but it has to be subtle
or else, give up the battle.
The palpable thrill of the boardroom
it’s boring in the time of Zoom.

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