Yasmin Tiwana

Yasmin worked for an international bank in Chicago, Illinois for over 30 years. She managed a Private Banking Team, which successfully met their referrals and sales goals. She also taught Quality and Diversity classes, partnering with Human Resources, to bank employees. In addition, Yasmin spearheaded a bank-wide Mentoring Committee where employees were mentored with senior executives of departments that they had expressed an interest to join. Yasmin got her undergraduate degree in Political Science from University of Illinois and obtained an MEd (Masters in Education) from Loyola University Chicago, in Counseling Development and Psychology. She has done volunteer work with individuals and newly arrived immigrants, who were seeking to enter the American workforce by helping them write their resumes and teaching them interviewing skills. Yasmin is now retired and lives in Manila. She belongs to several organizations including MVP. She has traveled to 31 countries and likes to write poetry and short stories in her spare time. Yasmin’s favorite quote: ‘The World is one family’.