Munawar Alam

Mr. Munawar Alam has 40 years of working experience, including with private sector, government, consultants, and Asian Development Bank. His last position at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) was Advisor, Office of Compliance Review Panel, which is a senior management position. At ADB, he was based in 4 countries (India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Manila). Prior to ADB, he worked with the Ministry of Surface Transport in India, and with private sector companies, and consulting firm in Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands.

He has extensive field experience in implementing large infrastructure projects in sectors that include, transport (roads, ports, civil aviation, railways and metros), energy (power generation, transmission and oil & gas), urban infrastructure (integrated urban development including water supply, waste water management, solid waste management, low cost sanitation and poverty alleviation), and multi sector projects (emergency loans such as earthquake and Tsunami disasters). He has a undergraduate civil engineering degree from IIT Varanasi, and Master’s degree in Urban Environmental and Sanitary Engineering from IHE-Water UNESCO institute from the Netherlands.

Currently he lives in Manila, after retiring from ADB in September 2020.