The One Who Changed The Course Of History

By: Reeda Bantug

How could one man make all the difference in this world? What did he do that was so significant and impacted all generations past, present and future? What made him so special? Why is he considered by more than one third of humanity as a most relevant and revered figure in their lives? Who is he?

He walked on this world called Earth more than 2,000 years ago, yet He still reigns supreme up to this day. A short span of 33 years was his only time frame to accomplish what he was suppose to do, with only three years in active duty. What he did in such a brief time changed many lives for the better, not in the physical sense, but in a supernatural way, beyond human understanding.

Long before he came to this earth in physical form, he was already being talked about and awaited by his own people: the Jews. The prophets of old spoke highly about him, of how he would deliver his nation into glory. Expectations about him were great, as the people longed for someone who would save them from their earthly woes. Because the Jews were being subjected unwillingly to Roman authority, with very limited freedom to manage their own affairs, a mighty and strong Savior was what they hoped for. They wanted someone who could bring back their good old days under King David, who had been powerful and popular.

Little did they expect that their much awaited deliverer was not what they pictured him to be. Born not of noble status but of a lowly class, he did not live in any form of comfort and satisfaction. His earthly parents were not wealthy nor prestigious, but were simple working class who could hardly afford much in life. He was raised in quietness and simplicity, to avoid the ire of the reckless and cruel King Herod who was only concerned with his own proliferation. It was during these times when this King ordered the killing of all baby boys in Bethlehem because of his fear and jealousy.

It was not until this man’s thirtieth year that his ministry began. As a deep symbol of his obedience to the one who sent him, he was baptized in water and the spirit. Then, he walked around teaching and preaching many things about a different kingdom which could not be found here on this earth. He gathered twelve men, mostly unlearned fishermen, to help him in his task to spread the good news dealing with the salvation of man’s soul. To make more people believe in his cause, he was given power by his father, God Almighty, to perform miracles such as healing the sick, casting out demons, and raising the dead to life. Many were amazed at his profound words and his zeal in showing how he loved all kinds of people. Many were moved and touched by his authority which seemed unexplainable by earthly standards. Many, too questioned him and were baffled by him.

But those who understood him and saw the value of what he was trying to impart, followed him and fully trusted him. They stood by him and went with him all throughout the land, treading his path

In those days, the religious leaders, the Pharisees and Sadduccees, had a strong footing. Considered as most knowledgeable of the affairs of the Jews, they were regarded and consulted in matters concerning the state of religious affairs. They were against this man’s teachings and explanations because they were threatened that their long held traditions were actually not in accordance with what should be. So deep was their anger that they plotted to eliminate this man, and crush all his teachings. They did not want a new belief system to contradict theirs, so they quenched his movements.

The crossfire that these religious leaders started reached the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate who had to take matters into his own hands. With wrong interpretations of what this simple man’s motives were, people condemned this man and threw false accusations against him. It was then finally decided that he was to be put to death, (in the hope that this would stop the wildfire from further burning in the hearts and minds of many of the believers of this man’s teachings. His suffering and death by crucifixion generated much uproar , but this was all part of the grand plan of history. It was only through this way that his grandeur was manifested because his death meant that he was destined to be resurrected. He had risen from the dead, a phenomenon that was amazing and unexplainable.

It was after his death and resurrection that the wildfire spread even more fiercely all throughout the earth. It was the flame of the Holy Spirit, which came from the heavenlies , sent by the Almighty Father through this man whom the Father calls his son.

Centuries have past, but this man’s life and death is still being discussed. Many lives were lost because they followed him. But even more were saved because of him. Until the present day and to future generations, he will always be the centerstage of humanity. His is a legacy beyond words, beyond human understanding. Getting to know him through the written words of his followers is only one way of reaching him. The rest is a walk of faith, something that can be done best even when eyes are closed.

He came to rescue mankind from unending pain and sorrow. He offered a way out of sin and death. He showed how the power of his love, the love of his Father, could solve the many problems that man faces.

This man is Jesus Christ, fully human and fully divine.

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