Rambling thoughts on a windy day

by Yasmin Tiwana

February 2021

Mercury the planet of communication is going retrograde. It does this 4 times a year for about a month. During that time, anything to do with technology and communication, whether business, sales, writing, and working with partners, is supposed to require extra attention to detail. Make sure all the i’s and t’s are dotted and crossed. Otherwise misunderstandings occur. So they say.

Frustration at change, whether solicited or by surprise is also a time when one should slow down and make sure their ‘center’ is in balance. When staff or helpers change, or when one’s favorite leaves - irritation sets in. To have to do training or instruction again, can feel so frustrating, until satisfaction is achieved, by the one going through the change.

Nothing comes to mind. One waits for thoughts or some bright insight to just appear, but it eludes the best of us. Wondering if Rumi or Hafiz might emerge amidst the metal rant... philosophy and self help couplets amidst the angst...hope, being the referee.

Insecurity, fear: twin sides of the same coin. It has to be solved inside oneself...Not outside. But within, like a wrapped chocolate bon-bon, waiting to be opened. An old refrain, so full of wisdom: Fear knocked at the door, faith answered...there was no one there.

Traffic moving with its partner, the snail. Dinky toys upon dinky toys...inching towards home. It’s a known fact that no one wants to partake of such joy. It’s better when empty and one can race down the streets - feeling the wind and imagining they are free.

Random musings. Great souls have so much to say. Lesser souls are searching. Searching for what? To get out of themselves by helping others. Realizing blessings come in untidy torn open packages. The neat ones with the ribbons on, are illusions.

Togetherness, as the world turns. Ahhh...and so it goes...

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