Curled up Memory

By Munawar Alam

 March 2021

Her flowery curls splashed on my face, and slowly drifted away. A slow winding breeze touched me, and withered away - her smell lingered a little longer.

Alas she was with me. Caged in my mind, her memory would never wash away.

I sat forlorn on the shore of white beach sands, and the blue water swept past me, underneath me, wetting my pants softly, as the birds preyed on the fishes, and swooped past overhead, joyfully, while the small fishes wriggled in pain to free themselves.

She was at a distant, approaching me. Waving and daintily inching towards me was my sweetheart – her skirts fluttering in the wind, as she tried to press it down with her hands, bending her knees.

Suddenly there was an explosion. Smoke curled up shaped like an umbrella.

In the distance, that I could see with the corner of my eyes, noises appeared, and chaos ran. The distant crows lifted from the trees, and made way towards the heaven. Through the dust and the cloud and filthy smell, scrambled a few faces, laden with mud, and colored.

I too looked out, hoping and pretending that nothing has happened, and that my love would shine out of this chaos, and I would see her coming. The rings of cloud were still forming and rising. But there was nothing left, nothing at all. Just memories.

Life tricked me.

These were formidable years for me. I was young and abroad. I was trying to shape my destiny, working hard, reaching out to help the needy and underprivileged.

Here was she, a young, bright, petite girl. Just like me, carving her career, and friendship with me.

It took much less time to destroy the world that I was creating for myself along with her’s.

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