By Amy Santos

March 2021


Why sometimes the long face?

And now the melancholy eyes

Silence that is more deafening

Like calls for soul-searching.


What is the matter with Carla?

Keeps bothering her friend Lena.

Is it the mysterious husband

Who never shows his face around?


The life of the party, Carla has always been;

A popular beautiful campus queen

A professional enjoying a happy life

When she meets this city man and becomes his wife.


A joyful high school graduate

Grateful Lena accepts her fate

In the barrio she just remains

Helps mother sew dresses, linens.


Blissfully tied to a peasant

With hired men tilling his own farm,

Harvest good, enough to keep warm

His family provided, with secured account.


With her only child, a daughter

Carla visits Lena in the summer

And more often thereafter

Enjoying the day with fresh air and laughter.


For her friend’s children imported toys, steak, and bacon

Thoughtful Carla brings along;

A new dress for the daughter, and fresh harvests

Are Lena’s family gifts in take home handy baskets.


As they watch their children playing,

They recall their games and silly quarreling

Their happy childhood, and the good old days

Schooldays together, and fun-filled holidays.


Suddenly, Lena’s thoughts are cut

As Carla comes near to chat;

Nay, but to confide, between sobs, her man has gone

Living with another woman.


Knowing but refusing that it is happening

Lena gently pulls friend farther from the children

Praying not to make a scene;

Oh that man, such a fiend,

Scoundrel, a scatterbrain !

O Lord, calm me down as you do my friend.

Please guide us that we may not go astray

Strengthen us to follow your word and way.

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