At the Beach

By Reeda Bantug

April 2021


Oh how wonderfully brilliant you are

Beckoning weary souls even if afar

Blue skies that tingle but cannot mar

The orange to yellowed horizon nor the sandy bar


Memories that are born and made

Here with kin and buds will never fade

Laughter bounds til midnight’s shade

Deep into the waters wade


To float or to swim to reach

The white sand sitting on the beach

Watching for the setting sun on each

Day is full of lessons left to preach


Taking part in a meal and a brew

That is shared with friends so true

All finding a love now and not blue

Feeling free from life’s cruel clue


Fishing boats that come with the catch

Or here to bring the guests to the match

To the cave or to the isle or just to watch

Fishes, dolphins dancing out to patch


Reflections of the moon so round

Twinkling stars that fill the dark of night abound

Gushing splashing waves make a sound

Washing to the shores can shells be found


Stories told to one and all

Kids roll and kick the ball

Sandcastles built so not to fall

Mom yells and answers call


Dad swims and shows the way

Grannies stroll throughout the day

Teens chat, watch and play

Many just chill and lay


Oh how fun and free

Just to wander wild, feel and see

Treasures offered me and thee

Thank you, Lord for this land and sea.