Here we go again...

By Yasmin Tiwana

April 2021


It’s back, Covid in drag

The isolation felt in being an island

Why do we continue with niceties?

Because we know we should?


A meaningless phrase

Takes on new life

When reapplied to explain

The impossible and unthinkable


Vaccine vacations

A new phenomena

While one grows bored

Watching old movies


Times were simpler then

white or black questions -no gray

Answers look the same

In the dark…


Is Karma wrecking havoc

Amongst the blue of Heaven

Or is it one’s own angst

That belies this sad truth


The World’s humanity is taking stock,

recoiling in horror at its history

Even now, suppressing those of different


But always saying – put it out of its misery


This seemingly nonsensical tale has to end

With another bout of Covid around the bend

It is with great pleasure that I take

The honor of removing you from our wake.


Holy Week, Holy Week!

The time of eternal resurrection

Where all that is good

Is recycled with hope in your direction


And so it comes, another year begins

Already a quarter is over

And we sit surprised and chagrined

At the thought life is a 4 leaf clover.


All is possible, all is beautiful

When Easter spring is near

One gives thanks for all

Including our writers club

Which has become near and dear.