By Geli Juani

April 2021


The wise one drops a question,

what is worthy of eternal repetition?


What words, idioms, jokes, and tales

are worth repeating until end of day?


Like a Pavlovian dog used to signals

programmed reactions without denial.


Are these the I love you’s, the I miss you’s

the "you only live once", the "seize the day"?


Written, said, and mimed without delay

over and over until their meanings

lose any ring to those who are hearing.


What tireless jobs in the horizon

can save the soul from dissolution?

Are these the 9 to 5’s, keeping one alive?


Must be those of the born storytellers

humming melodies for the beleaguered

on the world’s stage, never strange.


To her, the greater question today

is whether to get out of bed or stay.





Nietzsche introduced the idea of eternal recurrence —what action or decision in life is worthy of being repeated?

Marcus Aurelius in Meditations convinces himself that he must get up, wake up, and do his duty for the day.