By Amy Santos

July 2021


How soon is SOON?

Tomorrow? Next week? Next month?

Maybe forever, or never!

Like seeing an estranged father.


I enjoy my time with family newly found

With scribbling as our common ground;

All understanding, accepting comments,

Critiquing and learning are light moments.


Wishing to be with my brother and four sisters longer

But I cannot hold time any further

Lately I cannot adeptly join our discussion

Due to a project going on.


I dream of having published the booklet of our scribblings,

Of the happy ending of our fruitful meetings,

With another chapter, with a new beginning,

Perhaps, if allowed, I may again come in.


Let’s think of SOON in months in the future.

May we meet each other soon in good form and good nature

Once a family, and friends forever

See you soon, fellow scribblers!