I am nothing

By Geli Juani

July 2021


I am nothing, I now see.

Might as well be the moss

taking over the damp walls.

Might as well be a makahiya

gingerly curling once touched.

Drop the titles, the awards,

forget the linear ballads

told to make sense of today

and lie down in a hammock

in a light afternoon rain.


I am nothing, I am a moment.

I am nothing, I am Nature.


As good as a maya nibbling

on a ripe makopa fruit,

as good as a makopa taking

all the morning sunshine in,

as good as the green grapes

waiting to ripen into wine,

as good as a leaf floating

down the river into the sea,

as good as the blue moon

saving the starless sky,

as good as the clouds drifting,

mirroring the passage of time.


I am nothing, I am vast.

I am nothing, I am free.