Miscellaneous Musings...

By Yasmin Tiwana

July 2021


As the song lingers, the tune plays on, eliciting different emotions

One watches an old movie and the mind soars at its familiarity

Laughter of loved ones echo throughout ones heart and house,

Making the pink full moon happy…


One has to work at being calm and observing,

Eliciting various feelings from us

Yet the rush of happiness that flows through

Connects every dot and dash, making us one.


The gratefulness that befalls when one is truly aware

And sees the world in full display

Of its sadness and its joy

And gratefulness at our partner, Nature, at its best


The song and refrain repeat hypnotically

Many times and over in one's mind

One sees truth and hopes we learn from trial and error

Finally seeing acceptance and peace in the writing before us.


One plus one is two but one and one is also eleven

It’s just about which point of view you use and

Which side of the fence you are standing on…

Happiness is a two sided coin, head or tails?


Choice is a gift to be opened carefully

As it comes in Pandora’s box

Choose wisely and the World is yours,

Choose not so well and the struggle begins…


We are all blessed and yet we yearn,

Truly God’s world is ours

Beauty and serenity, wisdom and awareness

Are in all our choices, and that is how we learn.